Monday, May 23, 2011

Beer Pong Team Names

You’ve entered into a beer pong tournament or maybe just playing at a party and are at a loss of what to name your beer pong team.

Beer pong team names are no longer the simple team names from your adolescence, like Bears, Wildcats, Redsox, etc. Beer pong team names have been turned into euphemisms for male genitalia, male genitalia, female genitalia, male genitalia, fecal matter, and mom jokes. Put a couple of these together and you have yourself a pretty clever team name.

Here is our list of our Top Beer Pong Team Names.

  1. Balls Deep or Ballz Deep
  2. Ram Rod
  3. Shake & Bake
  4. Wet Balls or Wet Ballz
  5. TNT
  6. I Scored With Your Mom
  7. Multiple Scorgasm
  8. Triple Penetration
  9. 2 Balls 1 Cup
  10. In One Ear And Out Your Mother
  11. The Run Guzzlers
  12. I’d Hit It
  13. 2 Fingers 1 Thumb
  14. My Dixie Wrecked / My Dixie Normous
  15. Premature Shooters
  16. Superman Dat Throw
  17. We Like Balls Flying at Our Heads
  18. Our Lesbians Are Better Than Yours
  19. Touchdown My Pants
  20. Mad Bombers
  21. Sudsy Balls
  22. Titties & Beer
  23. Rettata Lovers
  24. Shortbus Riders
  25. The Ovary Punchers
  26. The Denny Pratt Tragedy
  27. Blame Canada
  28. Game Misconduct
  29. 3 Jerks & A Squirt
  30. Money Cash Hoes
  31. Toledo Ball Touchers
  32. Malted Rim Jobs
  33. Cincinati Ball Splashers
  34. Barley Ball Washers
  35. Bang-A-Pong
  36. the team to beat"
  37. Everybody Poops
  38. Lipstick Lesbians
  39. Will Bratcher is Gay
  40. Dick Slaps
  41. Thats what she said
  42. Beat it like a cop
  43. Beef curtains
  44. Long Dongs
  45. Pimpin and Panderin
  46. I smack my bitch
  47. We get money
  48. Grape smoke
  49. Size Matters
  50. 2 Racks, No Balls
  51. Spoiled Oysters
  52. Aunt Flow
  53. We Bounce Our Boobs, Not Our Balls
  54. Ben Wa Balls
  55. Fire Crotch
  56. Brass Ovaries
  57. Spitting is for Quitters
  58. She Has Dick Holes In Her Underwear
  59. Clit Commanders
  60. Cup Dumpsters
  61. Ham Wallets
  62. Oyster Ditches
  63. Squish Mittens
  64. Pudding Hatches
  65. Bitch Wrinkles
  66. We'll Cup Your Balls
  67. Doublebag It
  68. Nothin' But Wet
  69. Clit Commanders
  70. Meow Burgers
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Jen Garner plays Beer Pong

Jennifer Garner enjoys a game of Beer Pong on Jimmy Fallon

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